We get a call from an FPL contractor stating they need to make an appointment with us to do some maintenance. No big deal, we thought the power may go out so they needed us to know.

Friday, the guy calls and says he needs access to the house. I find this odd so we call FPL to verify there’s a work order for us. The FPL rep says no and that we should call the police. So, we do. The police say it’s possible it’s a scam and that we need to call them when the person arrives.

The contractor arrives in an obviously personal vehicle without any signage and we now really think it’s a scam of some sort. I hop on the phone to the police and they send someone out. We don’t answer the door when he rings the bell – obviously. By the time they come (it really wasn’t all that long) the contractor had left.
I call the company that sent the contractor out and apparently not only is this not a scam but it’s a chronic problem this company has. To verify the appointment is legitimate you need to talk to a specific department at FPL (because why would FPL have internal communication duh). The company rep tells me that they have had people assaulted because people think they are scammers.

It seems to me that if this is so much of an issue, maybe you should be a little more communicative and maybe give your people some company signs for their vehicles. You think?