Quick Facts

  • I live in Colorado. Currently AFC.
  • I started programming on a word processing mainframe in the mid-70’s.
    • My current favorite languages (in no order) are Go, Python and Swift.
  • I have strabismus (specifically: sixth nerve palsy).
  • I have temporal lobe epilepsy.
  • I use cannabis to control my seizures (among other things).
  • I am autistic.
    • I support neurodivergence and radical mental health. Don’t come at me with your AuXXsm SpXXks bullshit.
  • I am polyamorous.
  • I am pansexual.
  • I am an anti-fascist and anarchist.
  • I am currently available for consulting.

Social Networks

I am on most social networks as Jeraimee and can be found using my email address and phone number. I am not using some regularly or at all. Please contact me via text, Signal or email if you need to reach me immediately.