Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

As many of you may already know: I have temporal lobe epilepsy. The symptoms of this are almost constant seizures causing auditory and/or visual hallucinations as well as the occasional grand mal seizures. I’ve done my best to stay off the seizures using a ketogenic diet and it made a huge difference but didn’t make any difference in the frequency or impact of the petit mal seizures.

In November with the help of my fiancé and close friends I managed to get up the courage to go see a doctor about medical marijuana. I made an appointment with a doctor at DocMJ. I almost canceled a couple times but cautious optimism and friends helped me stay the course.

We went and met with Dr Wahlestedt. She was amazing. Knowledgeable and very confident that MMJ was going to help me. She took my fears of being at the doctor and my worries of being “stoned” to heart and made some suggestions. Dr Wahlestedt not only made me comfortable but also reassured me that I was on the right path.

In late December I was issued my authorization for MMJ by the state of Florida and immediately placed an order for a high CBD/low THC product and a higher TCH/low CBD product. Honestly, I was terrified of what could happen. After a day or so the delivery showed up.

I took a dose of the high CBD vape and within hours my petit mal seizures stopped … yes, stopped. No background noise, no voices, no shadows or visual oddities, nothing. Just quiet. I spent most of the day asking why the house was so quiet because I thought something was wrong. After a couple days of getting used to the newfound quiet I realized I’d not had any leg spasms. This was one of the things keeping me awake nightly. So, now, after decades of seizures and leg issues: my symptoms are gone. Poof! Gone.

My life has been changed. Literally changed.

Please, support your states legalization and decriminalization acts and join groups like NORML.