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How Yahoo derailed Tumblr

How Yahoo derailed Tumblr

When Mayer showed up 20-30 minutes late, Karp and the audience listened as she talked about her time at Google, the thinking behind the ad sales transition and her intention to help Tumblr grow. Concerns went mostly unaired. One engineer made a GIF of Karp fiddling with his phone while Mayer talked on the screen overhead. He was Photoshopped to be eating while she talked.

Interesting perspective on how badly Yahoo! screwed up tumblr. I guess it could have been worse.


The Ad Campaign that Convinced Americans to Pay for Water

The Ad Campaign that Convinced Americans to Pay for Water

Even if they could afford it, many people would balk at the thought of paying $10,000 for a sandwich. And yet the majority of Americans pay a similar markup, essentially, for a bottle of water.

Americans weren’t always so open-minded about opening their wallets for H20. Mere decades ago, they would have laughed at paying astronomical markups for a liquid that flows freely, and usually safely, from their taps at home.

That all began to change in the 1970s, with a crazy idea from a Frenchman who wanted Americans to buy fizzy water in green glass bottles shaped like bowling pins.

A great look into one of the many ways clever marketing has molded us into what we are today.