I am an architect, programmer and director with over 20 years of development experience, seeking a company not afraid of progress and change. I thrive in a fun and stimulating environment and enjoy every part of the development process from requirements analysis to customer acceptance.


Programming / Scripting / Markup Languages

BASH, C, C++, CSS, Go, HTML, Java, Javascript, Objective C, PERL, PHP, Ruby, XML …


BSD, DOS, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows …

Applications / Frameworks

Apache, Bind, CakePHP, CVS, Git, Lighttpd, Memcache, MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL, Nginx, Perforce, Postfix, Sendmail, Sphinx, Sybase …

Recent Experience

Cloud Architect – Boca Raton, FL – 2010-2018
Telit IoT Platforms / Telit

Technologies Used: C, CakePHP, Git, Go, Graphite, Java, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, PHP, Redis, StatsD

  • Architected & implemented new stack for existing web application platform.
  • Architected & implemented new flagship application & stack.
  • Developed new applications interacting with existing IoT software.
  • Continued development of client-facing web applications.
  • Assisted in developing new development routines including introduction of new SCM tools.
  • Architected & implemented cloud operations group, methodologies, policies and hand-off to permanent operations team.

I.T. Director – Plantation, FL – 2010-2011
Real Local Pages / New River Leads

Technologies Used: Apache, CakePHP, Git, Linux, Memcache, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, PHP, Postfix, Sendmail, Sphinx

  • Architected & implemented new application front-end/back-end & data model using MVC framework.
  • Architected & implemented new hardware & software use for web, application & database servers
  • Migrated legacy data into newly developed system
  • Revised & reorganized I.T. infrastructure including development staff
  • Developed technical documentation for legacy & new systems

I.T. Director – Coral Springs, FL – 2007-2010
Cruise Planners

Technologies Used: Apache, Bind, C, CakePHP, CVS, Git, Lighttpd, Linux, Memcache, MySQL, Nginx, OS X, PHP, Postfix

  • Rebuilt all applications and introduced new data model & MVC framework (CakePHP)
  • Developed SEO-optimized customizable websites for 700+ franchisees
  • Developed automated connectivity & data updates using XML-based Sabre Web Services
  • Designed & managed development of new accounting system
  • Architected & implemented new hardware & software use for web, application, mail and database servers

I.T. Director – Boca Raton, FL – 2001-2007

Technologies Used: Apache, C, CVS, Java, Lighttpd, Linux, Memcache, MSSQL, MySQL, Perforce, PHP, Solaris, Sybase, Windows

  • Developed Revelex flagship product: Power Agent
  • Organized and managed I.T. team consisting of 30+ PHP and Java developers
  • Developed support team and implemented bug tracking systems
  • Architected 3rd party integrations


Bicycle Touring, InfoSec, Lego, Movies, Music, Programming, Information