44th Birthday

44th Birthday

We went to the German restaurant for dinner where my daughter gave me a new version of a shirt I gave her years ago with my favorite comic book character on it (Dawn). Then, we came home and had my traditional birthday “cake”: lemon meringue pie 🙂

I was told (44)

I was told in my teens:

By the time you reach 25 you will likely be paralyzed from your temporal lobe seizures.

I was told 3 times:

You are lucky to be alive.

Well, I’m still here! Give me epilepsy, stab me, shoot me, hit me over the head with a baseball bat… You can’t get rid of me that easy!

Happy birthday to me!

I got another early birthday present

i got another early birthday present in the form of an exceptionally flattering job offer from a company that’s been trying to hire me for years.

I gave myself an early birthday present of saying no for three reasons. All three are co-workers. I have company loyalty. The company I work for has treated me well however; the people have treated me better.

I am not a product

I am not a product

Warning: Extremely geeky post follows:

Today, most people have their digital life stored on online servers from various companies. Think Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram and many others. You uploaded your pictures, your music, your daily ramblings, happy and sad thoughts. You use these services to share with others, to send and receive emails, store address books, play music and video, have your files available on any device you want. All great features, no doubt! When your phone breaks, just having to log in to the new one to find all your pictures, contacts and other settings is an amazing and reassuring capability brought by these services, often (perhaps incorrectly) called ‘the cloud’.

But you might wonder: “Where is this data? Who has access to it?[1]

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