TLDR; I distrust the people, policies, entities, and process of United States politics and will no longer take part in the continued corruption of human life in the United States via our political system and it’s members.

My history with politics can be summed up as:

Didn’t care → Republican → Green Party → This is all bullshit.

Here’s how I got here:

Didn’t Care

The first president I can remember is Carter and the first election I can remember was 1980. Back then I had simple needs: Space. Lots and lots of space-related news and progress. I did “vote” for Carter in my classes mock election though because I “liked him better” I remember saying.


After that election I didn’t pay much attention to politics unless something broke out - until - Bush Sr. During 89-93 I started leaning heavy to the GOP. At the time I felt it was the correct choice as I was - or thought I was - progressing in society. By the time I joined the Army I was heavily conflicted (for multiple reasons) and I preached peace, love and unity while remaining not only a registered Republican but waltzing into the Army wearing tie-dye and a giant peace sign on my jean jacket. I think conflicted covers my state in many ways at this point, but I digress …

The Army moved the needle nearly all the way right. The hate for Clinton was constant and in some cases so angry I wondered why I didn’t feel as angry as my peers and pretended I was just to fit in (now I know why). By the time I left the service I was committed fully to ‘The Party’. I even exclaimed party-line loyalty. I’m not afraid to admit I went to a Rush Limbaugh live taping. Hey, his ties were way nice!

September 11th and onward changed my perspective. After 9/11 I started digging deeper into politics. Not the people or policies - the actual concept of American politics itself. It’s during this research when I was reminded of things like the fact that there’s more than two political parties and you don’t have to tow the party line. I started to become more suspect of what I deemed “the system” or “them” and backed my beliefs up with my experience at the end of my military service.

Green Party

I recoiled hard at the xenophobic vitriol and violence around me to a calmer and more reasonable place for my comfort and beliefs: the Green Party. I truly believe many if not most of the Green Party platform concepts, goals and ideals. I went all-in on Jill Stein and the party.

This is when I learned not only how ignorant I was on many topics, but how ignorant the general population was about politics and even the act of voting. This is also when I started to review my stance on politics as a whole. I began to redo much of my prior research - as I’m prone to do - and asked people I wouldn’t normally ask about their position and reasoning behind some political ideals and perspective.

This Is All Bullshit

So, here we are. As of this writing it’s just past halfway to 2021 and I can say wholeheartedly that I believe every, single, politian is corrupt. I think the only - and I mean only - way to fix this system is to tear it down. This entire system is broken from the foundation up at this point. I believe we have corrupted the intent of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights by our own perspective and greed so much over the last 200+ years that it is now beyond repair.

I’ll commit to updating this if my perspective is once-again modified.