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My Dab Setup

cannabis dab
An overview of the items I use daily for concentrate use.

Hardware #

E-nail #

Auber RDK-300B

Coil #

710 Coils Deep Dish

Glass #

Bangers #

I use 30mm clear bottom bangers regularly however, new or low-tolerance fam should use smaller sizes. 710 Coils offer fantastic coils at reasonable prices. I’ve picked up bangers from 710 and Greek Glass and had no issues with either.

Inserts #

When I do uptemp/coldstarts I use different inserts depending on the concentrate and what I’m trying to do. I use quartz only and depending on the need I use a “plain” clear, smooth opaque bottom or textured opaque bottom. I have a pile of inserts (mostly from Greek Glass or 710 Coils) and don’t use them often right now.

Carb Caps #

I use a Greek Glass bubble cap I ordered along with one of my regular bangers and it’s served me like a true hero for many years.

Dab rigs #

I use smaller dab-style rigs for dabbing rather than the typical bong or other smokers glass. I use minimal percolation and rely on recycling or temperature control for settling the harshness (if any) down.

Misc #

I thought I should mention that I’ve used a MiniNail dab tool for many years. It’s nearly perfect as a dab tool for me. I don’t use it as a carb cap since I use larger bangers. As with inserts or terp pearls I ended up with a pile of tools of various qualities and most of them get used with extraction or for making noise packed in a box when moved.